Augmented & Virtual Reality Applications for Training, Education and Technical Support.

Innovator in Several Technologies. Focus on Tangible Results.

Virtual Reality Training 

We create Virtual Reality training environments for training purposes. ​ Check this video as an example.

An alternative to VR is ​Mixed Reality (MR) using ​Microsoft's Hololens. With MR you will view ​3D "holograms" but you are still able to see your surroundings.

1) Teach new team members ​how to get around safely on an oil rig. Before you actually being send them there. ​

​​2) New employees learn how to operate dangerous or complicated piece of equipment​. ​

3) Safety training (yes: they are ​allowed to fail!).

Remote Technical Support in AR

Problem: ​
1) Your equipment fails. But your field engineer or technician is not familiar with it. How do you get it fixed? ​

2) ​You have new recruits with great potential. But not yet in-depth knowledge of all machinery. It'll be impossible to send an experienced "coach" along with every newbie you send in the field. What to do?

Our platform can be used to provide ​"remote technical support" in AR apps. 

​​You need one expert in a central location to support many technicians​. The AR tool allows ​the expert ​to take their field agents through the process step by step​.

Unlocking ​Institutional Knowledge with AR

Newest Product
For an Unesco Site in Europe our partner-team created THIS "virtual tour guide" in AR. ​ ​​To provide a "real world" impression of "life back in the day" animation was added to some paintings.

Combining AR with algorithms and "data" ​can create killer applications. You can unlock ​institutional expertise stored in internal databases. Combine it in a visual manner ​with "the world outside". ​
​For an example
read how the Smithsonian's created a plant identification app.

We offer:  
(1) Augment your exhibit with an AR/VR app.

2) Unlock heretofore inaccessible information and expertise. Disseminate ​it through an app to the general public. A combination of different digital technologies will be used.  

Find more museum use cases on our page here.