Augmented & Virtual Reality Applications for Training, Education and Technical Support.

Innovator in Several Technologies. Focus on Tangible Results.

Virtual Reality Training 

We create Virtual Reality training environments - much like this video - for training purposes. ​

An alternative to VR is ​Mixed Reality (MR) using ​Microsoft's Hololens. You view ​3D "holograms" but are still able to see your surroundings. 

1) Learn how to get around safely on an oil rig. Before actually being sent there. ​

​​2) New employees learn how to operate dangerous or complicated equipment​. ​

3) Safety training (yes: you're allowed to fail!).

​Remote Technical Support in AR

1) You have equipment failure and your technician or on-site field engineer is unfamiliar with it. 

​2) Technical talent is scarce. Not all your new recruits will have the required experience and you cannot send a coach on every service call.  

Our platform can be used to provide ​"remote technical support" in AR apps. 

​​You need one expert in a central location to support many technicians​. The AR tool allows ​the expert ​to take their field agents through the process step by step​. 

​Unlocking ​Institutional Knowledge with AR

Newest Product
For an Unesco Site in Europe our partner-team created THIS "virtual tour guide" in AR. ​ Additionally some paintings were "animated" to provide a "real world" impression of life back in the day. 

Putting a Data Science team and AR team together can create the killer app: unlock ​knowledge, data and expertise stored in your institution​. For an example of how technologies can be combined: ​read about Smithsonian's plant identification app. 

We offer:  
1) Augment your exhibit with an AR/VR app.

2) Unlock heretofore inaccessible information and expertise. Disseminate ​it through an app to the general public. A combination of different digital technologies will be used.  

Find more museum use cases on our page here.