85% of all Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects fail. But not with us. We give you (back) control and make AI work for you.

​Not all data is gold..  

​​Yes, Big Data is the new gold. ​But only if you know where and how to mine it will you hit the mother-lode. ​​We help you find the best place to start. ​​

​​​​Our Data Pre-processing ​is the key to your AI success. ​It turns your raw data "gold ore" into valuable bullion. 

Buying analytics is easy..​ 

​​The real work starts after allocating the winning bid on the RFP. Or after you purchased that ​SaaS subscription. 

​As it turns out, implementing a new analytics package has its own set of unique challenges. ​Our experienced team guides you through the process.

Your Partners in AI ​

We are a team with ​diverse backgrounds: business, industry, law, UX etc. ​We therefore understand your needs and offer hands-on help. 

In addition we created an "Uber of AI & Data Engineers" (over 500 people) ​for ad-hoc emergencies & consulting calls.

Member IoT Council: an European Thinktank on Internet of Things

​Working Group on Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence

External Advisor EU Commission "SME Digital Skills Development"

​Our Packages


​​​We Fix Your Data (needs) 

​DATA PRE-PROCESSING ​(​€ 400/day or Fixed) ​

  1. Data cleaning, data labeling (through new platforms or crowdsourced), data programming, Synthetic labeling, Synthetic data, IoT sensors + data extraction, data augmentation, data annotation,  Feature engineering
  2.  Our team is interdisciplinary including data scientists (Jr. and Sr.) and domain experts
  3. We use automation s.a. Haystack, Snorkel, KNIME, Rapidminer and other cutting edge tools & platforms to reduce time
  4. Full GDPR compliant under strict (cyber) security protocols
  5. Dutch​ team

​Big Data MBA

STRATEGIC PLAN ​(€ 1.250/day)What should we do

Not sure how to start with big data, analytics or AI? ​You feel like you're sitting on "all this data" wasting away​? ​Or do you have to start with a business case? ​

We assist with just a few key sessions:

* Identify which business cases create most (financial) value * ​Turn those "business problems" into "computational business problems" * Define data needs and ​requirements for creating ​a high quality data set. 

OPERATIONAL PLAN (€ 1.250/day)How to implement
Not sure how to turn strategy into an executable plan with clear measurable interim milestones?

We assist with just a few key sessions:

* the plan and planning * governance structure * Project Management do’s and dont's 

Focus. Focus. ​

“​If you don't know what you want, AI and Big Data will never deliver the value you hope for.​”

​Patrick Slavenburg


​Implementation Support

Get The ​Results

“​From strategy to measurable results, no bullshit. I have a 10+ years track record how to get “it” done.”

​Marco van der Aa


  1. ​Project Management
  2. Business Consulting
  3. Data Pre-processing

​DOING & TRAINING (varies but ~ € 1.250/day)

  1. Learn how to find new business cases and evaluate whether they are ​suitable for ​AI & Analytics
  2. Learn to assess your data needs for these new cases​
  3. Data Storytelling

Patrick Slavenburg speaking 2019: ​​​
Masterclass AI, Amsterdam, November 14th, 2019
Ecomondo: AI in Waste Management, Rimini, November 6, 2019
Big Data Expo (on both days), Utrecht, September 18, 19, 2019
AI Expo, Chair & Moderator Enterprise AI, Amsterdam, June 2019
​Deep Fakes and the high cost of lies -> D'66 Liberal Democrats longread, in Dutch.