Solving your problems with Data Science. Visualizing them in Augmented Reality.

​We Solve Problems Using Data
​Our interdisciplinary team helps you define the problem correctly and find the right data to solve it. ​

​​We source data everywhere: Internal data. Data that 3rd parties are already collecting about you. Your automatic coffee maker. Or your office fire alarm sensors.There is public government ​data. And new data sources s.a. satellite photos​, drone footage, IoT sensors become available every day.

20-25% Quality improvement: through our cleaning, de-biasing, filtering and data-selection processes.

3rd party dashboard or custom models: ​​ Often out-of-the-box Business Intelligence dashboards are sufficient. We help you select the right one.​ In unique or complex situations our PhD's will create a ​custom algorithm.

​Predicting Black Swan events: ​We l​ook at the ​fringes, under the surface, to find those "small data". They are precursors of ​changing opinions, attitudes or behaviors and can't be found using traditional big data analytics.

They ​were the Trump signs ​in traditional Democratic neighborhoods in 2016. Or the street kids around the globe saving up to buy their 1st Iphone when Nokia still dominated. 

To model the data we are comfortable with any 3rd party analytics package you prefer. For custom solutions Smartified's PhD's can create a custom algorithm.

Many thanks again for your excellent work. I hope to work with you again as I look towards creating more international touring exhibits through National Geographic.

Dr. Frederik Hiebert

Computer Vision
Smartified can create complex solutions around images and video feeds. Our team includes experienced "computer vision" engineers and PhD's. Some examples:

Our team of highly experienced "computer vision" engineers and PhD's can create complex solutions using images and video feeds. Some examples of our capabilities are given below:

Examples Physical World:

Manufacturing: Low Cost Quality Control (scratches, flaws, rejects): A low cost software solution.  

We replace expensive equipment ​by an "off-the-shelf" HD video camera. "Artificial Intelligence" analyzes the video feed for flaws.

Manufacturing: ?Low Cost Quality Control (scratches, flaws, rejects): A low cost software solution. ?

We replace equipment that costs ?$10,000nds by ??an "off-the-shelf" HD video camera. An "Artificial Intelligence" analyzes the video feed for flaws.
Quality Control (scratches, flaws, rejects): Big Data Software replaces expensive and complex hardware solutions.  ​​Instead of expensive hardware costing $10,000nds we take ​an "off-the-shelf" HD video camera and connect it to a pre-trained Deep Learning ​Artificial Intelligence.

​Quality Control w. HD Video Cam + A.I. 

Realtime human detection and tracking in an office or store. You can use the live video stream from the fisheye security camera placed near the ceiling.

Combined with a sideview camera feed we can also determine their age, gender and emotion. 

​Tracking Human Movement in an Office


Examples Digital World​:

Visual Image Search:​ Artificial Intelligence finds similar photos based on a photo you upload. ​

It searches a ​catalog of ​100 million images within milliseconds. ​The results are shown on a user's smartphone​ - which makes the project extra challenging.

Upload a photo and find similar looking products

Face analysis in live video feeds:​ monitor mood-changes in ​a concert audience. Predict in-store customer satisfaction ​by their facial expressions.

So-called ​"Deep Learning" ​analyzes faces for gender, age, emotional state and more. ​In real time. Even in groups of people. 

​Face recognition software extracts facial features

Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
​Smartified develops AR & VR applications for ​education (learn more); remote customer support; ​data visualization​ and safety training​ (learn more). ​Specialized in ​​Microsoft Hololens.  

Remote Technical Support: centralized expert agent instructs field technician

​Virtual Reality Security Training

We understand human behavior well. Our interdisciplinary team mixes ?psychological principles and social science with "big data", mathematics and artificial intelligence.
We understand human behavior really well. How to model it. How to predict it. And how to influence it. Both virtually and in the physical world.

Human Behavior
We understand human behavior well. Our team mixes psychological principles with "big data" and mathematics.

Examples of human behavior related problems: in-store sales. Patterns in people movement. ​​Fraud detection and investment behavior. Website traffic & recommendations. (Online) persuasion.

(1) Prediction: Predictive Analytics
For so-called "predictive analytics" ​(s.a. sales data, visitor traffic) most 3rd party analytics dashboards will suffice. We will help you select & tailor ​one to your needs​. 

​Predictive Analytics Process Using Out-of-the-Box BI Software

But measuring alone doesn't allow you to influence or understand their behaviors. Analyzing behaviors ("why") require you to

understand their thought processes and underlying emotions.  Influencing them requires the use of "behavior design" or "persuasive


(2) ​Insight: Biases, Cognitive Processes and Emotions
We​ filter and de-bias data ​to get a "clearer signal". ​ Human data ​is biased and full of noise​. ​Training an algorithm with biased data creates biased results s.a. prejudice or erroneous conclusions.

Our approach includes selecting "smart data" not just all "big data" for data's sake. Often domain experts and human feedback are necessary to improve quality and create transparency. ​

Because without context, you would not know which correlation makes sense (this one doesn't):

We ?apply a smart selection of datasets, include domain knowledge, humans-in-the-loop and interpretation. Those methods result in significant improvements on pure mathematics or algorithms.?

​Cheese consumption vs. died by becoming "tangled in their bedsheets" 

(3) Influence: Persuasive Technology
We help you ​influence behaviors. Not just predict them. Solutions are based on concepts from behavioral economics. Or based on models ​like Stanford's ​Fogg Behavior Model.

(3) Influence: Persuasive Technology

​​Influence behaviors instead of just predicting them: ​our "nudge unit" creates solutions ​using so-called "persuasive technology".  Methods are based on "behavioral economics" ​or models like Stanford's ​Fogg Behavior Model.

​Stanford model for "changing behaviors" using technology

Experienced Team

Who we are
​Smartified was founded by the team of Farlang. For them - and other designer websites - we created a unique "taste algorithm". ​For the work a ​government grant was given - ​twice.

Highly experienced specialists: depending on the topic those are special advisers, cross-​collaborations with specialized teams, ​and other types of partnerships. Our research team is global, but our support & project management is local.

Founded on previous success: Our Farlang project was mentioned by NPR, PBS, Bloomberg News, New York Times and London Times to name a few.

Who we are

?Smartified was founded by the team of Farlang. For ?them we created a Machine Learning recommendation algorithm based on "taste" which received government grants - twice.

??Our previous project was mentioned by NPR, PBS, Bloomberg News, New York Times and London Times to name a few.
How we work
Smartified digitizes processes which increase ROI, saves (labor) costs, ?reduces Carbon emissions.

How we work
Digitize processes that increase your ROI, save (labor) costs, reduce Carbon emissions. In a quantifiable manner. 

Our team is empathetic, social and communicative. We are aware of your business needs, cost accounting structures and internal dynamics.

Local support and project management. Global research team. 

Our interdisciplinary approach makes us unique. Looking at a problem from different perspectives reduces large mistakes.