Affordable Big Data Solutions

Harness the Power of Prediction-- with the newest insights & low cost algorithms

Analyze Behavior Data

We translate data of human behavior into actionable intelligence, analytics or algorithms.

Making "Things" Smart

With the Internet of Things we augment every physical product with an "internet-connected brain"

Augmented Reality

Our dedicated team creates apps in Augmented & Mixed Reality applied to education or technical support.

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Many thanks again for your excellent work. I hope to work with you again as I look towards creating more international touring exhibits through National Geographic.

Dr. Frederik Hiebert

The taste based machine learning recommendation algorithm developed for Farlang is exactly the type of innovation we are looking for.

M. Kroesen

Our Unique Approach:

We look at a challenge from different perspectives. Behavior science. Statistics. Technology. Domain expertise. 

That makes us better in solving your problem than a traditional data-science boutique.

Interested in a team that covers all angles of your customer data case? Have a look at our services!

This is What We Offer:

Turning Data into Human Behavior:
We use both internal data or 3rd party data that can be re-purposed. We find patterns in the data which are used as input for our models. 

We understand human behavior well. Our interdisciplinary team mixes ?psychological principles and social science with "big data", mathematics and artificial intelligence.
We understand human behavior really well. How to model it. How to predict it. And how to influence it. Both virtually and in the physical world.

Extracting human movement from security video feeds. Side camera can ​add gender, age, emotion detection

The number of devices with internet-connected "brains" is exploding in the coming decade.

Turning Behavior into Data Products or Predictive Analytics: 
​Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics: 
We transform those behavioral models into actionable insights visualized in dashboards. We use 3rd party ​analytics or build our own. 

New Data Products and Internet of Things
We put insight into production. Our "internet-connected brains" augment or run your physical product or process. 

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality:

Smartified Augmented & Mixed Reality (incl. Hololens) focuses on: education, remote technical support and big data visualization.

Our AR apps facilitate communicating complex information or performing a specific task (More here).

We put particular emphasis on an intuitive user experience.