We take your data stress away

Data related problems are mentally challenging, require a lot of attention and time. Something you don't have. We take that stress away and relieve you of those burdens.


Design Thinking

Data-driven problems are often about more than just the data. Through "Design Thinking Methodology" we identify your current situation & your needs ("what is"),  possible solutions ("what if") and rapidly "try some stuff out" ("what wows"). customer feedback helps us find the best possible solution ("what works").

Team Work

Smartified provides data-expert teams: a full team on the ground, a team-in-the-cloud or a hybrid model. This flexibility allows for variable cost structures depending on the sensitivity of your data and e.g. budget constraints. We communicate in business language rather than in extensive technological jargon.

Behavior Design

Whether it is an app showing data, or new data-driven decision making: the best mathematical model, algorithm or visualization fails if human behavior is not taken into account. We therefore make sure people's behaviors, biases, perceptions, expectations and emotional responses are properly accommodated.

Data Science Teams

  • Data-Analyts, Scientists & Other Experts
    Smartified is a group of individuals with different skill sets: from Bayesian modelling to Machine Learning, Strategy Consulting to Database cleaning to Open data. Many of them have PhD's.
  • Academic Network of Domain Experts
    Smartified built relationships with several leading University groups, specialized in specific (domain) topics including the political, behavioral, sociological, physical, and other sciences. 

Why Our Cost Structure is Lower

  • No Large Team on our Payroll. No Large Overhead
    Nor will Smartified just add team members to your project because their salaries need to be made. We will include experts with a variety of skill sets only when and where needed.
  • Proprietary Processes Reducing Cost of Labor
    Breaking down the project into different tasks, delegating each task to the best combination of budget & skills,  lowers cost dramatically and each team member focuses on what they can do and like best. 
  • No Large Office Space Rents or Admin Overhead
    Our team is in the cloud, connected through apps, algorithms and PM platforms. You maximize benefits while minimizing costs.


Smartified is a small team of independent professionals based in the Netherlands, Germany and the USA  collaborating on “data projects” with a more extensive group of partners (EU, USA, Israel) we collaborate with on various areas of "Data Sciences".  A third layer of expertise is added through our so-called "University Domain Experts" in Europe and the USA specialized in a variety of topics .

Expertise is expensive. It takes decades to develop.  What makes Smartified different is its unique approach that allows to include an expert (data-science or otherwise), when it's needed and where it's needed, for the time it’s needed, and no longer.  With this approach you receive the knowledge & experience of large expert team that many projects require regardless of their scale.  At the same time we come without the gigantic cost-structure of a large consultancy or IT firm. Same quality, less costs.

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