Solutions at the Edge

Data Strategy for Edge Analytics & Edge Systems

(Edge) ​​​Data Strategy  

Big Data and IoT success requires more than technical skills alone. ​We create ​the underpinning financial & business models and KPI"s. ​We make tech & business work together. 

​Edge & Fog Analytics

We design your first ​Edge & Fog​ data Infrastructure for Real Time Analytics at the Edge. We also help create the right "Proof of Concepts" (or MVP) for fundraising purposes.

ComputerVision @Edge​

We build cutting edge, real time, computer vision based solutions using Artificial Intelligence. From visual quality control to tracking humans. Another application is AR. 

Many thanks again for your excellent work. I hope to work with you again as I look towards creating more international touring exhibits through National Geographic.

Dr. Frederik Hiebert

The taste based machine learning recommendation algorithm developed for Farlang is exactly the type of innovation we are looking for.

M. Kroesen

Unique Approach:

We look at a challenge from different perspectives. Behavior science. Statistics. Technology. Domain expertise. 

That makes us better in solving your problem than a traditional data-science boutique.

​Computer Vision:

Extracting human movement from security video feeds. Side camera can ​add gender, age, emotion detection

Computer Vision @Edge is used for real time monitoring. Our engineering team can build complex comupter vision solutions using CNN based deep learning. With mili-second response times and in low computational power environments. 

Typical use cases are:  

​Tracking people in store or crowds 

​Transportation Infrastructure Management

​Drone footage inspection & Home security Management ​

​Real-Time Visualization in Augmented Reality

Edge Analytics

Rather than getting the data streamed up to the source intelligence, it's bringing the intelligence right down to the source of the data.

Some use cases
1) Energy: Optimize wind turbine and other renewable energy performance by quickly adjusting to changing environmental parameters. 

​2) Retail: In-store customer tracking, creating recommendations for sales staff

3) Industry 4.0: Predictive Maintenance in manufacturing 

Edge Analytics is run in real time and used for immediate decision making.

​Patrick Slavenburg (Founder) will be speaking at

Industrial Internet of Things Conference, Prague, October 16, 2018.
Masterclass IoT @Nyenrode Business University, November 4th, 2018
Smart Home Conference, UK, March 26/27, 2019

Working Group on Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence

External Advisor "Digital Skills Development in SME's"

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