Our Team and Process

F​rom Problem to Solution in 3 Simple Steps: ​

Our interdisciplinary team helps you define the problem correctly and find the right data to solve it. ​​​

​Get the Data: (40%) 
We source data everywhere: Internal data. Data that 3rd parties are already collecting about you. There is public government ​data. And new data sources s.a. satellite photos​, drone footage, IoT sensors become available every day.

20-25% Quality improvement: through our cleaning, de-biasing, filtering and data-selection processes.

​Explore & Model the Data: (10%)
​Our expert PhD's explore the data for potential patterns or aberrations. They create the models, visualizations and prototypes. ​

​Demonstrating Business Value (50%):
​Operationalizing the output of the model: ​
​Can anyone audit the models during their use? Can they tune the output to operational needs? Can a fleet manager or a maintenance technician actually do something with that information?

​Data products: ​algorithms and machine learning models that generate new value in an automated way. ​

Experienced Team

Who we are
​Smartified is a collective of highly experienced business experts, behavioral scientists, data scientists & engineers, ​researchers, and domain experts. 

Highly experienced specialists: ​In addition we partner with technical teams around the globe for scale in specialized projects, particular in the area of computer visionOur research team is global, but our support & project management is local.

Founded on previous success: Our Farlang project was mentioned by NPR, PBS, Bloomberg News, New York Times and London Times to name a few.

Who we are

?Smartified was founded by the team of Farlang. For ?them we created a Machine Learning recommendation algorithm based on "taste" which received government grants - twice.

??Our previous project was mentioned by NPR, PBS, Bloomberg News, New York Times and London Times to name a few.
How we work
Smartified digitizes processes which increase ROI, saves (labor) costs, ?reduces Carbon emissions.

How we work
Our team is empathetic, social and communicative. We are aware of your business needs, cost accounting structures and internal dynamics.

Local support and project management. Global research team. 

Our interdisciplinary approach makes us unique. Looking at a problem from different perspectives reduces large mistakes.

​Media Exposure of One of the Founders:
​JCK in 2017 “Are Jewelry Shoppers Turning Away from Expensive Jewelry” quotes Patrick Slavenburg
Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America in 2012 on “Online Sales Tax” quotes Patrick Slavenburg
JCK on Milennials and Diamonds quoting Patrick Slavenburg
Journal Management Team on Patrick Slavenburg in Silicon Valley
Journal FEM Business (part of Elsevier-Reed) on  “Dutch Lessons in Silicon Valley” on Patrick Slavenburg