​The Basics

​The BUSINESS side of a Digital Project: ​
50% of any data science project is the actual operationalization. We ​create specific metrics around "fuzzy benefits". ​Our goal is that within 6 months any digital project or new data product should increase ​10+% on their KPI's ​or create entirely new profits.​ ​​​We create tangible value for your organization. ​

With 3rd party (analytics) vendor selection we write the briefs & specifications. We figure out what has the best potential of full adaption by your teams within your organization. We negotiate the best pricing​. ​​​​We help you save or make money.

​​​Make Products "Smart"

​Give them an internet-connected "brain"​: ​
Our strength is a turnkey delivery of a new data product. ​​We use a variety of technologies both in-house and through partner R&D teams. The sensors used in so-called "Internet of Things" ​generate the data our models can analyze and turn into a data product. ​

​Predicting Human Behavior with Big Data​

​From Big Data...
We answer specific questions related to human behavior with big data. ​Or translate "big data" into a data product.
From recommendation algorithms to traffic in physical locations. From sales data to fraud patterns. From ​omnichannel marketing to IoT. 

...To ​Smart and Alternative Data & Black Swans
​​​​We help you find and analyze the right data. 
Predictive analytics base forecasts on historical data. But what if the trend does not continue? Those weak signals in the market ​are often invisible in big data patterns. But they are visible in the right, "smart datasets".

Take the US 2016 election: self-made Trump signs were planted ​in traditionally Democratic neighborhoods. Or take Nokia's demise: street-youth ​were saving for the first Iphone in masses. Before it was launched - and when Nokia still owned the market. Invisible in big data analytics they have ​had profound impacts.

​We are interested in buying and selling specialized human behavioral 3rd party datasets.

​Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality

We develop Augmented ​& Mixed ​​​​Reality solutions:
​Smartified doesn't "just" build an Augmented Reality or Hololens app. We require the app to create "instant" added value. And for the app to have a "smooth" user experience. It needs to easy and enjoyable. And it needs to be relevant and useful. That requires the expertise from a variety of specialists in UI, UX and human behavior - besides the technology. Our team is also specialized in Microsoft Hololens. ​Some use cases here...