Augmented Reality for Education and Technical Support.

​Information in the Field

​Get up to 50% improvements in key metrics by increasing understanding in the field. ​

​​Remote Support

​​​​More empowerment to employees "on the floor" to help them to amplify their expertise.​

Museum ​Education

​​Open up institutional (data) knowledge to the general public. ​In- or outside the exhibition.

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​Examples of What We Offer:

​Industrial Field Services: Remote Technical Support

Problem: ​
1) Your equipment fails. But your field engineer or technician is not familiar with it. How do you get it fixed? ​

2) ​You have new recruits with great potential. But not yet in-depth knowledge of all machinery. It'll be impossible to send an experienced "coach" along with every newbie you send in the field. What to do?

Our platform can be used to provide ​"remote technical support" in AR apps. 

​​You need one expert in a central location to support many technicians​. The AR tool allows ​the expert ​to take their field agents through the process step by step​.

Museum Augmented & Mixed Reality Apps: ​

Newest Product
For an UNESCO Site in Europe our team created a "virtual tour guide" in authentic dress and lifelike animation. ​ ​

Our real strength is using AR to solve a problem for the audience. Combine access to the museum's database with ​Data Science & Visualization. ​​​For an example: read how the Smithsonian's created a plant identification app.

We offer:  
(1) Augment your exhibit with an AR app.

2) Unlock ​information and expertise. Visualize it. And disseminate through the AR app. ​

Find more museum use cases on our page here.

Interested? From AR to MR to Hololens: contact us with your needs!