Computer Vision Examples

Computer Vision
Smartified can create complex solutions around images and video feeds. Our team includes experienced "computer vision" engineers and PhD's. Some examples:

Our team of highly experienced "computer vision" engineers and PhD's can create complex solutions using images and video feeds. Some examples of our capabilities are given below:

Examples Physical World:

Manufacturing: Low Cost Quality Control (scratches, flaws, rejects): A low cost software solution.  

We replace expensive equipment ​by an "off-the-shelf" HD video camera. "Artificial Intelligence" analyzes the video feed for flaws.

Manufacturing: ?Low Cost Quality Control (scratches, flaws, rejects): A low cost software solution. ?

We replace equipment that costs ?$10,000nds by ??an "off-the-shelf" HD video camera. An "Artificial Intelligence" analyzes the video feed for flaws.
Quality Control (scratches, flaws, rejects): Big Data Software replaces expensive and complex hardware solutions.  ​​Instead of expensive hardware costing $10,000nds we take ​an "off-the-shelf" HD video camera and connect it to a pre-trained Deep Learning ​Artificial Intelligence.

​Quality Control w. HD Video Cam + A.I.

Realtime human detection and tracking in an office or store. You can use the live video stream from the fisheye security camera placed near the ceiling.

Combined with a sideview camera feed we can also determine their age, gender and emotion. 

Extracting human movement from security video feeds. Side camera can ​add gender, age, emotion detection


Examples Digital World​:

Visual Image Search:​ Artificial Intelligence finds similar photos based on a photo you upload. ​

It searches a ​catalog of ​100 million images within milliseconds. ​The results are shown on a user's smartphone​ - which makes the project extra challenging.

Upload a photo and find similar looking products

Face analysis in live video feeds:​ monitor mood-changes in ​a concert audience. Predict in-store customer satisfaction ​by their facial expressions.

So-called ​"Deep Learning" ​analyzes faces for gender, age, emotional state and more. ​In real time. Even in groups of people. 

​Face recognition software extracts facial features