Predicting Human Behavior with Big Data

​​Behavioral Data

​We ​find the behavioral data required to solve your business problem. ​

​​Patterns in Data

​We translate the data into actionable intelligence, analytics or algorithms. ​

​​Influence Behavior

​Based on data-insights we can - in turn - influence customer behavior.

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Our Unique Approach:

We look at a challenge from different perspectives. Behavior science. Neurology & Emotions. Technology.  

That makes us better in solving your problem than a traditional data-science boutique. ​

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This is What We Offer:

From Big Data to Human Behavior​...

We Find Behavior Data:
Both internal ​data or 3rd party data that can be re-purposed. We can even extract human data from video feeds or photos. 

We understand human behavior well. Our interdisciplinary team mixes ?psychological principles and social science with "big data", mathematics and artificial intelligence.
We understand human behavior really well. How to model it. How to predict it. And how to influence it. Both virtually and in the physical world.

​Bluetooth Beacons track museum visitors. ​Girls (left) & Boys (right) show different paths​. Red = mostly used.

Face recognition software extracts features s.a. emotions, gender, age. 

​And We Analyze & Use It:
Digital marketing. Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics: 
We transform those data into actionable insights visualized in dashboards. ​

New Data Products​:
We put insight into production. New data-products powered ​by our custom algorithms. ​

​And Back...

​Influence Customer Behavior: ​
Persuasive Technology:
Based on data-insights we ​can include ​psychological triggers in our pre-trained AI algorithms.

​Stanford's Fogg Behavior Design Model. Motivation, Ability & a Trigger

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